About Us!

Hello! Thank you for your interest in knowing who´s behind Indigo de Papel. Here is the version (not summarized) about who we are. Just so you know, Indigo was founded in 2005 by Claudia & Felipe Arriagada. 

We started our business designing wedding invitations. It was June 2005 and to launch our brand we rented a booth at Exponovios in August that same year. Exponovios is a bridal show specialized in all products and services regarding a wedding organization. So we put everything together in a very short time, designed a logo and a small catalogue and set everything up to see what reaction we had from the audience.

After a lot of work, we were able to exhibit at this show and close our first deals. Indigo Invitations was born here, whose name was associated with the color Indigo blue , in relation to this, our stand and logo were Indigo blue.

By 2008, Claudia was in full control of Indigo Invitations and this was her full-time job, while Felipe was in Barcelona doing a Internship in a design studio there.

Upon returning to Chile, Felipe found himself with a much more well-organized company thanks to Claudia's tireless work, with its own office on Presidente Riesco St. , many clients and many emails to answer. It is then that with our 2 heads put "upside down" into Indigo Invitations that we started securing its position in the national market and its name is associated with design, responsibility and quality.
By 2012, overwhelmed with work and installed in our second P. Riesco office, we decided to take a new direction considering the extensive knowledge we had on paper, which we had gained in the 7 years of experience in this fascinating world.
It was right after the first trip to the NYC National Stationary Show that we set our mind to expand our business and start designing paper products focused on table and desk decoration. It is then that the idea of ​​Indigo de Papel was born with the ultimate goal of becoming a national benchmark for work and design in this noble material.

As the beginning of Indigo Invitations was made thanks to the exhibition in a wedding show, we decided to take the same path for this new experience, and MásDeco Market was the chosen show to start and launch our new proposal to the Chilean market.

With a very amateur booth and with many logistical failures, we started Indigo de Papel.... and what a great surprise we had when we saw how much people liked our products, very good comments, good sales, good vibes... what more could you ask for...it was a total success for us and beyond the financial issue, the best thing was to see that taking a new direction was possible.

The first fair was in December 2013, and incredulous at the success we had, we assumed that it was partly due to the date, where everyone is looking for gifts. So we decided to try our luck again in the Aprils version of the following year. The success of 2014 was much greater than the previous one, and for this new version several of the products that we have until today appeared, such as our lampshades among many others. 
At this moment is when a goal, that we already had in mind for some time, begins to take shape, and it was the opening of our first brick mortar store. Thanks to our good friends at Oofelia, we had contact with Parque Arauco Shopping center and after sending an email, they called us to a meeting since our proposal caught their attention.

At the meeting with PA we are told that there are several stores competing for the space that was available and that we are the last company to enter the competition. We left all the info, we brought all the requirements and wait.

In between, we return to NY for the new version of the National Stationary Show to see trends for the invitations that we were still doing, but this time we also went with the hope that in a short time, we would have a store and in the face of that, to we began to see trends of products and to make contacts with possible suppliers.

We return to Chile and a few weeks later we receive the green light from Parque Arauco.... they gave us our first store...little by little our dream began to materialize.

In August 2014 we opened Indigo de Papel in Parque Arauco, store that is still running till today in 2022.

From now on, a cycle of projects, products, trips, boxes, toner, codes, computers and so many things that imply starting a project like this began. Luckily we have always had the strong support from our family, especially our mother who is an active and daily part of Indigo. Along with our family, we have a first-class team, absolutely committed to which we are enormously grateful.

From now on, things start to roll, we closed the field of invitations in 2016 and we began to grow in what we really like, product design, always thinking about new projects.

When you manage to complete a project, you are immediately thinking about the next one, at least that is what happens to us, there is always something new that you want to do, create or design. And so it was (and still is) for us. Already with 2 stores on our shoulders, a second project that we had saved since 2013 began to take off in 2017 and like everything else, we started by filling out a form, in this case, in ProChile.
And yes, since we went to the stationery fair for the first time in NY, our dream was to participate at this show from the other side, as exhibitors.

After filling out that form, we received an email from ProChile scheduling us for a meeting, from which our path to internationalization began.

Thanks to the Creative Industries contest, we won part of the funds to be able to exhibit at this incredible show in 2018. The experience was, without a doubt, one of the most stressful in our careers, but at the same time, the most incredible. Living that and not letting it pass you by is undoubtedly very rewarding and very exhausting, but seeing your products in the world fills us with joy and pride.

We got to 2020, a very difficult year without a doubt. But fortunately we got  there working on a new project, the reformulation of our brand together with a new online store.
Nothing easy will come from this year onwards, but fortunately we have been able to cope with the pandemic without mayor problems, reformulating products and avoiding the difficulties that this hard times has brought everyone.

As we always say, we are a project team, but when we propose a challenge, we wait for the time to do it, that is how in this 2022 we have managed to buy our office / store and workshop, a long data dream that finally came to a reality in 2022. We are sure that this will our home for many years.

We leave you invited to visit María Teresa or any of our stores, thank you very much for reading a little about us.

Best regards!
Claudia and Felipe.